52 Channels?

Been meaning to make a blogpost about television for a little while now, but with September upon us, it seems today was the perfect day for it.

Without further ado, my thoughts on a slew of television shows-


Like the rest of you, I’m still pretty angry about the whole Firefly thing. After 12 years though, it may be time to forgive FOX and move on.

I caught the premiere of Gotham last night, and as much as I was prepared to loathe it, it completely sucked me in. Love the setting, adore Donal Logue and once I realize that Bruno Heller was showrunning (dude did HBO’s Rome), it became a lock.

While I’ve mostly ignored DC Comic’s other television fare, Gotham gets me for at least a second episode.

Hell on Wheels

I don’t know why this AMC series seems to get forgotten among the network other inferior shows, but Cullen Bohannon is easily one of my favorite characters on television.

More than any other shows, HoW seems to reinvent itself each and every season while never losing track of the main goal: finish the railroad.

Z Nation

Wow this is bad, but unlike Walking Dead, at least this series features the occasional Zombie.


I’m a huge history nerd, so this series about scientists in the 1940’s desert racing to finish the world’s first atomic bomb before the Germans or the Soviets is perfect for me.

Fascinating character study along with a great period drama.

The Good Wife

Ironically, my wife just got me into this show and my god, is it good. You need to watch it. Don’t trust me on this, trust my wife.

And that’s it for today.

I missing anything I should be watching?

-Because I Can.

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